Request information about a child

You must have an approved homestudy to start the inquiry process for waiting children.

If you are interested in a specific child or sibling group, please complete the following form. Once this form is submitted, a local office will receive your information via e-mail along with the name of the child you have inquired about. This information is also automatically sent to the child’s DHS caseworker.

Within two business days, you’ll receive an email from us with contact information for the child’s DHS caseworker. He or she may request a copy of your homestudy and will be your contact going forward. Please note that sometimes you may not hear back from the child’s caseworker. If the caseworker determines that you may be a good fit for the child, they will contact you directly. Our customer service staff do not have additional information about the children.

We do not place children for adoption. This decision is made by DHS and the Iowa courts. While we are not involved in selecting the adoptive home, we do help guide families through the process of becoming approved for adoption.

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