A box of crayons or a paint set and brushes will keep this artistic child happy all afternoon.

 Cassie loves to draw, color, and paint. You’ll see her imagination come alive on the pages of her sketchbook.

Cassie’s creativity is one of the first things people notice about her. She’s a happy, sweet child who also loves to invent new games, play with her favorite toys, and run outside. That’s why she hopes to find a forever family that is active and energetic — maybe even a family with a dog or cat she can play with outdoors.

Cassie adores animals, and the adults in her life describe her as “observant, kind, and caring” toward friends and pets. Two-parent families from any state will be considered. Potential families should be patient and engaged, ready to support Cassandra as she transitions to a new home. Families should also have experience in addressing special needs, emotional well-being, and building strong, positive family relationships.

Cassie is excited to engage with parents who can actively support her academic journey; She loves reading, math, and, of course, art class.

Can you be the family who supports Cassie's creativity and helps her to develop her lively personality in a safe and stable environment?