On any given day, you might find Deziray outside riding her bike or inside coloring in her favorite coloring book. She is also a fan of family board game night, and she will probably beat you if you challenge her to her favorite Wii games.

The sweet, active 9-year-old is always eager to play, and she’s ready to begin on the path to a bright future with her forever family.

A potential family for Deziray should be patient, structured, and understanding of the importance of routine in a child’s life. Deziray’s family should also live in Iowa or a bordering state so she can regularly keep in touch with her sister.

Deziray wants to live in a home with two parents, and she would enjoy playing with siblings or being an only child. She is great with animals and would love to one day be able to learn gymnastics.

Deziray describes herself as “nice” and “beautiful,” and she wants a forever family to know that she loves ice cream.