Playing with Legos and puzzles. Rolling a perfect strike at the bowling alley. Running in the backyard with his beloved dog. 
These are all moments 11-year-old Evan dreams of experiencing with his forever family. 
Evan’s fun and quirky personality shines through to anyone he meets. The adults in his life say Evan is outgoing, and he loves getting to know new people. His quick smile is the first thing friends notice about him. 
Families from any state will be considered for Evan. He will do best in a home in which he is the youngest child. Potential parents should provide a structured, patient environment to best support Evan.  
This bright-eyed boy loves to learn new things each day and he enjoys school. An Individual Education Plan helps Evan stay on track in his classes, and it helps the adults in his life work together to ensure his success.
What Evan wants most is a family. A family to play games with him. A family to take him to the mall. A family to love him unconditionally. It’s not too much to ask. Perhaps your house could be the place Evan calls home.